The Super Mario Bros Flowlab Edition Log

@“Cap. Red Crab” yeah that one. I vaguely remember the names of the stages there.

Thanks Greggo, it sure did take a while! Also, I’m curious on anyone’s ideas on the story, what could the beginning lead up to?

Maybe a bigger invasion by Bowser, something intense but still keeping the Super Mario feel. (IDK if that makes sense or not, sorry). Also, how did you make it so that you can stop on enemies, but not run into them. I’m curious because I wanna make a Super Waluigi game.

“Also, how did you you make it stop on enemies”? I’m sorry, Greggo, I didn’t understand your question.

Uh… all I did was make the enemies to die when Mario jumps on TOP of them, while if he touches them to the LEFT or RIGHT, he loses his power-up and (or) restarts the map. Is that what you were asking?

Yeah, thanks. I know that seemed like a dumb question, sorry.

No, it’s fine. Thanks for asking.

New update, Yoshi


I haven’t added his tongue effect but so far, he is rideable from Mario, Super Mario, and Fire Mario. How do you like him for now, Greggo?

Big Update Coming: Super Mario Odyssey Powers and Costumes!

Press S as Super Mario to test it! It’s still in progress.

Whenever I hit an enemy with the hat Mario just disappears. I tried this multiple times with goombas and koopas and every time it’s the same result. I like the concept though!

I just updated Mario, he can only capture Goombas and Luigi. Try it now, Greggo.

Works great! And I love how the sprite looks!

Also, I just updated Koopas. They are resized and better looking at that.


You know what’s sad? I’m adding Super Mario Odyssey implements when I haven’t even played it!


@Greggo hey found a new glitch I threw my cap, it hit me and knocked me to the bottom of the game