The Third Level

So, since seeing Mhx’s AI competition post, somehow the word that stuck to me was “originality”. I didn’t make any boss (yet), but it did urge me to make a new level containing new mechanics that isn’t very common in Flowlab. When I simply want to do some designing but don’t want to make a whole game out of it, I usually stuff it in 2, which I did today. I needed new levels for that thing anyway.

It’s nothing too new or creative, and the sprites are simply terrible, but I found the general gameplay quite satisfying… if not too hard.

If any of you’re willing to play test it, which I would be grateful for, you can use the editor to switch directly to “level 3”. To avoid some confusion, here are a couple of clarifications:

  1. The white tiles that turn red at the beginning of the level: you’ll find that the game randomly restarts when you’re crossing these tiles. The way this works is, when a tile turns red, it’s about to spit out an invisible obstacle for a brief period of time, which you will have to jump over. It takes getting used to, but when you figure it out somehow, it’s quite easy to pass this stage.
  2. The rainbow colors that appear on the trampoline part do nothing. They’re just colorful effects… made of curiosity.
  3. If you go right after the trampoline stage, you’ll eventually find a hole. If you bump over it, you’ll find a metal door, but with three locks blocking your way. If you jump in the hole, you’ll find three more holes, which would each lead you to different minigames: Water-crossing, Hellevator and Ghost hill.
  4. Completing a minigame does two things:
    It puts you back to the main hub, where you can try your luck at other minigames or check your progress in the metal door.
    One lock disappears from your way to the door, and covers up the hole that leads to the minigame that you’ve just completed.
  5. Completing all the minigames will allow you to go directly to the door without any locks blocking your path. If you accidentally jump in the hole again, there’s no way of getting out.

Hellevator: ride on the white line thingy, which will slowly transport you down the lane. Avoid the fire, and don’t touch the side walls.
Water-crossing: Step on the platforms to get across the water. The metal platforms with “3” written on them disappear quickly, so don’t idle on one spot. The trampolines bounce on all sides.
Ghost hill: climb the hill without bumping into any semi-visible pumpkins.

At least, this is how they’re SUPPOSED to work. This lags a lot on my computer that it’s barely playable for me, so I’ll need someone else to actually SEE that it works… if they can actually beat the level. It’s pretty damn hard…

Btw the level music is from Xtrullor

Hard is a nice way of putting it. I’m far too impatient to actually beat this game, but it looks pretty good. I died maybe 10 times on the first level before the music even started playing, and I don’t think pressing F froze any enemies.

REALLY REALLY NICE!! I only can beat one of the minigames… I think bosses like this needs checkpoints but It’s really awesome overall

The item is actually incomplete :slight_smile:
Also, the first two levels were made quite a long while ago, but they’re still pretty decent.

@“Mhx Ar” What I wanted to show off was the 3rd level, which is in fact way harder. Like @Pixelpizza said, I should probably add checkpoints. I was thinking of the annoyance of having to restart when I was making that level, so I tried to make the minigames not-too-hard.

Was the 3rd level that white and red flashing area? I didn’t get very far in that.

yeah, lol

It took me 40 minutes alone to beat that level, mostly because of the hellevator… MAN

I started the 4th level today, which has distortion view (made accidentally) and semi-invisible ground. It looks pretty good til now, and it’s hard… so check it out!
*skip using the editor

*music by xtrullor again
*the boss looks like cbg’s fox now, especially because of the eyes… lol

My fox? Wat?

This is awesome… I love it

@CrimsonBlackGames that CBG animal you had with red outline and sunglasses
@Pixelpizza thanks!

Otherwise, there are some new updates that have taken place:
-The theme for level 1 and 2 have been changed (the background music).
-Several dialogues have appeared in level 4
-Level 4 has been modified and added to.

The thing about the 4th level is that there are absolutely no mobile enemies, but is quite difficult because you don’t really know where you’re going.
-Grounds that only appear when you’re nearby
-Timed blocks that appear when you’re nearby (then disappears as soon as you step on them)
-Excessive screen shake
-Camera distortion

One of the most frustrating things of a game is being kept in the dark… lol
But I consider it pretty intense. Check it out peeps

That level is all done now, and I added some screenshots here.

The sprites are as they look: horrible, but the layout makes up for it. If you know what to do after a jump, then it’s pretty easy. Until then…

Is that gonna be a boss battle?

Depends on how you look at it. I already added a sprite for the background boss, which is more clear and smaller, and that’d probably be a legit boss battle- this is a sort of a “boss level” only, without anything you actually have to defeat.

At the end though, the slammer (1st picture) closes in on you and you have to pick the right paths to not get squashed by it.

You could do a Rudy style battle or something.

I was thinking of that, but I thought better to just make a platformer