The thread of gorillaz fans "Gorillaz MP3s"

post your epic Gorilaz mp3 files, only chill vibes here my friend

I don’t think you can upload mp3 files on the forums

you can watch

yoooo gorillaz!

what’s yall’s favorite gorillaz songs?

my top 3 are saturnz barz, 5/4 and white light

dirty harry bro

oh pog

dirty harry’s pretty ok

skinny ape, cracker island, rhinestone eyes, dirty harry, silent running, fireflies


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oh and also captain chicken and clint eastwood

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you have to use code html to be exact like this
< audio controls loop autoplay >< source src= " " type=“audio/mpeg” >< /audio >

plus a source link such as

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ok imma list off a bunch just give me a sec

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doncamatic, dirty harry, clint eastwood, to binge, kids with guns, stylo, AND superfast jellyfish


i agree with all of these except superfast jellyfish

also on melancholy hill

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that’s an opinion but not necessarily a good one

melancholy hill :heart_eyes:


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