The ultimate fnaf game

so I’m making a fnaf fangame, where you purchase failing companies and hire nightguards and such, another feature is having stocks and debt, as well as receiving money from people you loaned, back to how this is a fnaf game, you switch between nightguards until each hits 6 am, you could also purchase animatronics, one location you can purchase is banjo’s pizza here’s a picture of banjo:

that’s all I got so far so ill keep you updated on how it go’s


meet banjo’s “best friend” banzo the bunny:

(this is the last animatronic of banjo’s company so this template will not be used for any other animatronic)


Fan of the pixel designs. Not overbearing, but still visually appealing. Very well job done!

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thx(must be 20 characters)

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Speechless :no_mouth:

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im thinking about in the daytime a creep clown monster comes and lure kids and kills them,if he succeeds you will get a lawsuit,so its important to have high security

Maybe I will make a fnaf multiplayer game when the multiplayer system improves and it’s possible to create servers and see the servers just like a Trello list but constantly updating and only the owner of the game could access the Trello list.

What do you think about this?