The Ultimate Platformer Enemy

Discussed over dozenes of forums ia the issue of enemies. Sure, a basic patrolling kill on impact enemy is okay but I want an enemy out of a video game. Like Terraria, or ect…When they fight back, with different attacks, and can doge attacks sometimes too. It stays a distance istead of basically walking into the player. I want an advanced Enemy. And that is what this forum is for. The combined knowlage of flowlabbers to create simple screenshots of different code for different labeled abulites that the enemy can do. Here, I will make a list, in which I hope the coding can be screenshoted bellow one by one. NOTE: please label this as what I have requested and tell me what I need to change:

-Distancing from player

-A mix of random attacks

  • An attempt at dogeing some attacks

  • And of course anything else to help make a successful Enemy (e.g movement)

The Link cannot be posted bellow because of something the parent of my account did so maybe try to make some quick examples. For this, I will need the skilled mind of @“JR 01” @todorrobot @Superstargames and anyone else who thinks they can help. If you need more specification I will answer questions in the comments! Thank You!

I have also been having trouble with my cutscene at the end of Chapter 1 Hub 1 @“JR 01” so if you could check out all 4 items, Cutscene trigger, InGame Cutscene 1, and then in UI speech Icon and Text display, I have not coded the cutscene to end yet but the Text display and Speech Icon should be visable when the Cutscene starts but for somre reason is not. Just while I have your time, I thought I might add that in as well :slight_smile: Thank you!

@“JR 01” sorry from disturbing you and thank you for answering. In “New Level” my first enemy, the ranged, seems to just continuously fly away forever and I don’t know why. There is no boss yet, though, I have successfuly made a melee enemy which is littered throughout Chapter 1 hub 1 and now the new level.

I was going to also make a third enemy with a third triad, though I thought to have my ranged enemy fixed before I try that. If you could just investigate, tell me what is wrong and given me suggestions on how to fix it that would be fantastic @“JR 01” . Thank you.

I was just getting around to this as you can see in the several previous discussions, I’m trying to help everyone since I got back. Also a new link for page 2 of this discussion:

I see you’ve done some work @“The Kodex”, but I dont see the level to test out the boss.
What level would he be in?

@“JR 01” Maybe next time your free you could have a look at this too?

I will look into it as soon as I can, although right now I am a bit occupied.

@“JR 01” … @Superstargames … Can someone replu to my comment/update…

@“JR 01” for some reason J have encountered two problems. @Superstargames maybe you can help me with this as well.

  1. My melee enemy now when the level starts continually jetpacks away for no reason forever and I can’t figure out why.

  2. Portals still don’t work. I don’t know why, but it just does not. Maybe you could have a look and see what is wrong…

UPDATE: My melee enemy is done and I am happy for him for now. Feedback would be good but hopefuly it is minor rather than another big thing.

…I don’t have a “skilled mind?”

@“The Kodex” I have made a few enemies (more like bosses) that have some of these features that you mentioned (specifically random attacks, distancing from player, and dodging injury). In my game Pixel Sports, the Final Boss has two attacks that always randomizes. One attack throws either 10 bomb balls or one Super Bomb Ball. The other attack spawns three husk cubes to swarm the player. You could check that out for yourself, although it might take you at least a week and a half to get to the Final Boss without cheating and going through the editor. I have made another boss in another game, but because it is a secret project, I will send you a link to the game via message if you want to see the boss.

@seamothmaster45 Of course you do bit I don’t want to tag to many people

I see

@Superstargames despite the boss being good it still may not be what i’m looking for. It goes with perfectly with your style, but my game the enemies and hero are a lot more humanised, See:
That and they are a smaller than your boss, and meant to be just annoying enemies. However yours is a boss, while your annoying enemies are the zombies that walk into the player. It’s not your fault, the’re cubes - but that is the reason why that may not be as effective.

I see what your saying. My boss may not be the best example, but glad I could somewhat help anyways.

@“The Kodex” I thought that was what the main boss was going to look like! The main enemies were supposed to be normal street thugs like in the arkham series.

@seamothmaster45 This is not for the Nightbolt Game That is for my new Game:
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 17.37.15
He is the Hero of my new game

That looks cool!

ohhhh ok sorry!

@Superstargames Thanks might attach more screenshots

can someone help me?