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Zachary, a cybernetic swordsman, has been teleported back in time to an era of conflict - Medieval times.
He is trying to find a way back, and the Worm Bot has the key…
But the WB had imprisoned itself deep in a mysterious cave…
Explore this vast countryside and see for yourself the abilities of the age of old.

Play it at this link:

WASD to move
Spacebar to Attack
F for a Fire Attack
V for Cybernetic Regeneration (Hold it Down, and it will heal your wounds)

Please Rate 1/10
Constructive Criticism Welcomed
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Good Luck.


Almost Forgot - Thanks to Eric Matyas for the Music!!

@jngthree @latif3 @grazer

Wow! My name! I’m special.

I like the game but… I think the player is too fast…

Yeah, I wanted to make the game a more fast - paced game, you know?