The Yellow Hallway: 1st person proof of concept

Hello! Check out this super glitchy/ over complicated proof of concept I made for a 1st person dungeon runner RPG.

The Yellow Hallway:

If anyone wants to take a look at the code and make recommendations or if anyone has ideas for implementation of the concept, let me know. OR if anyone wants the sprite pack and wants to try it on their own, I have almost 100 individual animation frames for all (ok most?) of the different views the player needs. Let me know and I will figure out how to upload them all to a thing.

This looks like a great flowlab revolution! If you want to add interactable obstacles, though, make it to where the animations also summon items. (Maybe even just position) Great start, though!

wow, to think, it felt like the other day, someone asked if fps’ are possible here on flowlab, and i took on the challenge that led others to try and figure stuff like this out (didn’t mean to brag srry)

I can’t wait to see this finished. I also can’t wait to see what the community will think up of with this revoulutionary idea!

@Wizardry came up with the same idea and concept a few months ago.

But still nice, congrats.

Ive pulled the code apart at this point, so it doesnt currently work any more. Ive been struggling to get the cardinal directions (arrow keys) to switch position values (+1x, -1x, +1y, -1y) as the player rotated through the hallway. Im close, but I cant quite sort out the spaghetti.

I have the position trigger (1,2,3,4) based on the player arrow (up, right, down, left). And can combine the arrow keys to the position blocks. But I feel like Im missing something in wiring the +/- 1 values to switch correctly when the character rotated view.

I DID IT! I sorted through the spaghetti and got it to work. Cardinal directions rotate when the player view rotates. Now to keep the camera from running through the walls and expand the map beyond 4 floor tiles :smiley:

Is it even possible to make sure that you cannot walk into the walls?

idk. Imma find out! :smiley:

yes, if you extract your position and say, if my x position is 90 and my y position is 20, send an output that would turn off a switch, a switch in between your arrow key input and your actual movement could allow you to not move in that direction

I’ll give that a shot. My initial idea was to make some sort of “Wall” behavior that, if landed on, would bounce you back one grid space the direction you came from.

I think we all came up with a different but creative approach to FPS.

Check out flowlab Help Examples

and Grid Movement Example

I made some more updates: expanded the map. Added an invisible (for now) enemy that you can hear wandering around the hallway. I still haven’t figured out the solid walls yet. I’ll add more later! check out the update:

pretty god man, keep up the good work!

You could make a filter: IF the camera is at this coordinates, THEN you bring it back.