theme background color

Is is possible to have the themes background color to change from one color to another?

No. It is not possible.

ok thanks

@USERNAME55 it is! Make a background block and have it have nultiple animations for each color.

@meburningslime I meant for the THEME background color

Kind of like your flowjam game

Yeah. I am using a background block.

How do you make this change color
Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 11.00.11 AM

Send a message to the background block. In the background block, use a mailbox with the same message being sent to start the animation. If you need more help, you are completely free to either ask me or look inside of my game.

it’s the theme which is the color outside that i want to know how it’s changing

can you send videos as a comment? so i can show you what i’m talking about

Yes I think so. Either send a link or download the video.

i’m not sure how to do it. i don’t think i can post videos as a comment

Ok. Do you want the flashing background?

Oh I see what you are talking about. I just saw your screenshot. Use a GIF instead of a n image for the background.

oh. thank you

@USERNAME55 no problemo!