There's This One Thing In Behaviours...

When you are editing your character’s behaviours, and you scroll off until you can’t see them, that’s it, you can’t find it anymore. So I want a thing in like the GPS that, like, sends you back to your bundle of behaviours.

Try zooming out and back in. It will always bring you back to the behaviors you have

What if it’s too far away?

Hey, @CrimsonBlackGames, nice to see you’ve been more active! Have you decided on whether you would like to join the ViperTeam or not? We’d love to have you! I’m sure you meet all the requirements, so your entry wouldn’t be a problem. You are at least 15, right? That’s the biggest problem we’ve been having with recruitment.

@gamerztrio will never happen unless your logic is really far away from one another.

slowly dies inside

But I did it and, well, it didn’t work.