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@grazer I think it’s stupid that we have to pay for the indie features. Being able to make online multiplayer games and make money off them is worth more than $60-$120, online servers are expensive, but a lot of those are basic development features, like custom game pages and unlimited objects. I just don’t like it.

I know it can be quite frustrating the limitations that Free users have, but if we didn’t pay to access these features, how else would grazer make money? Flowlab is his current job and his main hobby. Running this website costs money of its own, and the best way to make money would be to pay the users. Plus, giving all users access to the features you listed, grazer would have to pay a HUGE amount of money simply to make sure that we keep those sound uploads, unlimited games, etc. Besides, there are still lots of opportunities for Free users, like when JR 01 made a game using just one object.

So in short, while it may be stupid that Free users have restrictions, what you are asking for is going to be expensive for grazer, and a very risky thing to do in the first place.


Yeah I know but still some things should be free, like unlimited objects and dev teams.

wrong! uploading sounds takes storage and more servers! but wait all the space that all the of the games contents including sound takes up space accounting for a huge number of games and unlimited objects + unlimite games would equal UNLIMITED STORAGE which is not easy to uphold and theres still more reasons than that!


@AB_Games if unlimited objects and dev teams were free indie would no longer be worth it, and it would undercut sales.


indie lets you make money off games with ads (which I’m pretty sure grazer gets a cut of, if not he should) and sales and lets you make multiplayer, which I think is worth it. I just think they should at least give us custom game pages.

@AB_Games your just going to have to face the hard truth. Grazer isn’t giving free accounts more freedoms period.

also, not really related, but shouldn’t grazer have like a patreon or kickstarter for flowlab?

yeah i know i dont expect things to change but i still dont like it

Ab_Games you should be gratful free accounts have some freedoms

Really though on the other side of the argument, free accounts have way too much access.

You have most of all the behaviors you need, a free sound library, and can store (3) games on the account.
Free accounts are not a Demo, like other game makers. And indie is only $10, better than the $60 at game maker.

And else, the indie account is just better features like no object limit, no game limit, (4) beta behaviors, upload sounds, and export games. I have to say thats worth $10. But this is only a few features, giving any of these away would make indie accounts useless.

Another thing is the storage limitations. One huge reason for these is because Flowlab can’t store every game, song, object if EVERYONE had all the features. So these also fall into the cheap indie subscription.


I always thought the Indie subscription was very reasonable, even if I didn’t get the year plan but just the monthly plan. For only $10 you can get a lot more features, including multiplayer, uploading music, and dev collaboration.


Hey @AB_Games - consider it this way:

I spend almost all my free time, most weekends, and many very late nights building features and making sure that the servers stay up and running.

I understand if you don’t think that Flowlab is actually worth anything, and I like free stuff too - but please consider that this site didn’t grow up spontaneously and stay running on its own. It takes time, work, and money to stay up and running.

Luckily we have subscribers who pay to keep the site going, and in exchange they get access to all available features (and my eternal gratitude - thanks!). This seems like the most fair arrangement to me.

So anyway, even if you don’t like this situation at least maybe you can understand it?


You guys are only mentioning the $10 monthly subscription but there’s also an annual subscription that literally saves you half the money. You can’t go any cheaper than $5 with unlimited games, levels, objects and a ton of features.

If you think it’s stupid then simply don’t pay for it.


goddamn it was just a rant

If you don’t want people to reply to this any longer then just explain the message more nicely, or maybe just change the discussion to closed so everyone knows that its finished. You don’t have be very upset about it.

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how do i close the discussion

Discussions cannot be officially closed unless a moderator does it themselves. And only two moderators exist on these forums: grazer and Mhx Aîr. So you’re just going to have to hope that people stop replying to this discussion.

you could try and put closed in the title