This game freezes

my game will not work Flowlab Game Creator - Dungeon runner RPG

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This is because of an infinite loop. I’ll try and find it.

Thank you I’ll point you out in the credits

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Do you know what you were working on last? This might give me a clue, otherwise I have to look through all your code.

Also Wahhh there’s random bits of code everywhere that don’t do anything

OK actually I’ve found it already.
The problem is here:

This is in the player object, player bundle, damage bundle.

The problem is the save block. inputting “SAVE” will also output through done, so there is an infinite loop. It is “READ” once, then it outputs through “DONE” and gets the number 20. The twenty is inputted to “SAVE”, then it outputs through “DONE” and gets 20 again.

This creates an infinite loop.

So make a new save input the number out to the save use the second and use it as the read right?

on the you lose level have it so it resets the health count.

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I’m not sure what the code is trying to do, so I don’t know. That’s just why the game freezes. If you delete the save, it will work.

It seems like you already found the solution, you needed two different behaviors of Save so you don’t create an infinite loop.

But this is how the code should be:

The Health save must be connected to “set” to set the Player’s Health at the start of the game/level.
The “get” input just reads the current value inside the Number.

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