This game thing

See for a while I’ve been wanting to make a game like thisScreenshot 2021-01-11 at 9.04.36 AM but I have no clue how to do like 99% of the functions (I already know about the grid-based movement) like how to make an arrow fire in grid-based etc. some insight in how to do a lot of these functions would be awesome.

Question, is it going to be a grid-based puzzle game where you have limited arrows and you have to make every shot count, or just a grid-based RPG?

More Roguelike but there are gonna be some puzzles

@Frost, I made this game about a year ago, I hope this helps.

Cool, Thanks @R0CK also I’m tryna add some random mechanics like wandering creatures and starving its will be kinda like the game Pixel Dungeon

Hey @Frost - My tip is take an empty book and make all your levels in the book. Writing all your ideas and levels would give you use to other parts of your brain and it’s way easier to come up with ideas and level design.

And also don’t try to recreate popular games that already exist. Try to make something unique something never seen before in the game development community.

Oh yeah i understand the don’t recreate popular games thing this is going to be original I’m just using YAPD as an example for myself. I usually look at a lot of popular games and use their concepts and inspirations to build one mega game I guess you could say.