This is a puzzle - will take 2 mins to play

I’ll trust you! (it says epic in your name ^_^)

yea, hows this?
Puzzle song

hey, i got 7 too! this is a really cool game. I don’t see very many puzzles of this sort on flowlab.


That’s really cool! How do I use it in the game though? It needs to be MP3 right?

Also that website is cool!

Thanks! It took me a while to work out if I could do this on Flowlab. took a while but I got there!

It doesnt have to be a Mp3, but i guess thats easier, Id do a once into a sound, upload, play. then activate loop, there will be a bit of a cut, but it will still work!

hmm, ok I’ll try that later!

I don’t think he has a paid acc

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ooohhh, gotcha (20 C)

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Yes unfortunately I’d need to export as wav, convert to mp3 and then host. I still plan to do that I’m just lazy. Haha

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I got the music to work! Or at least I think I did.

I completed it in 7 moves but the middle is not moving :slightly_frowning_face:

My Highscore Is 7, Got 6 Before

7 is my highest score