This is a re-occurring problem in flowlab that needs a bug fix

To make a long story short, its the mouse click. That keeps on messing up. It has messed me up countless times including in the flowjam and needs fixing. The problem is you code something to respond to being clicked and basically… It doesn’t. Its that simple. You would have to delete it and next replace it to make it work again, or click “Captures clicks anywhere”. This looks like a bug because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and this could also be something with the hit boxes but either way this just needs to be either redone or overhauled or just fixed. Its something annoying which may seem minor but has been a constant thorn in the side.

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I’ve never encountered this problem before, but if it isn’t working for you guys I’d be happy if it got a fix

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I definitely have encountered this bug! It’s been working recently, but it was really annoying, especially during the winter flowjam. Every time you would reload or open your game you would have to delete the old mouse click and make another one.

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Never came across this. Could you record a gif (using ScreenToGif) or a video using Loom?

The only time where I had a problem with mouse click was because a custom cursor that I made kept hogging all of the click inputs, but I resolved it with a “capture click anywhere” setting. I know this probably doesn’t help with the current topic, but I just wanted to say that I have only had one problem with the mouse click and that the issue I was talking about was resolved.

If you can describe how to trigger this bug, that would go a long way towards tracking it down and getting it fixed. I’m not familiar with this issue - do you have any games that are experiencing it right now?

One definitely needs an example to see what is going on.

It wasn’t by any chance a player object with a weapon attached to it @The_Kodex ?
That trapped me once. The player had a ‘on click’ event, the weapon nothing. But somehow it looked like it sometimes interfered with the click.
Worked after I un-ticked the ‘is solid’ option for sure, so kinda my fault I guess.

It’s literally just using it normally, like, click trigger leads to -1 size, and it just won’t work

@TinkerSmith Its like it just won’t triggger at all. It will work fine at first and then just… won’t.

Are you clicking over labels by chance?

If its still happening, could you leave a link to the game and where its happening?

No labels, but here is an example, try clicking stuff in the inventory:

What Should happen is the cursor changes to what you click

@The_Kodex - I know why. It is pretty much the same problem I had long ago. The inventory item is not accepting the click because the cursor is hogging the click behavior.

What you should do is make it so that the cursor can capture clicks anywhere. That way, it will allow the inventory item accept the click and turn the cursor into that item.

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I’ve just started the laptop version of Flowlab (which I’m pretty sure is the same as PC) and I’ve not had this problem.

Thanks! That actually worked! Its like the image lag I guess - not a glitch or bug but something that should work. Coding is annoying. Thanks