This is a repost

Hi again i finally decided on a game concept but my ideas are kind of messy in my head so I’m gonna ask u guys
any feedback and recommendations are appreciated

One thing you might want to fix is the fact that you can still fly without the paper plane. (Which made the rest of the game very easy), might want to check that out. Other than that its a very good game. When I first joined flowlab, a doodle or paper-like game similar to this was one of my current ideas, but I never made it a thing. Glad someone made a really good doodle game.
(Not saying that this was originally my idea, I kinda gave up since some physics werent working)

cool art style! really looks like it’s been doodled on paper!

Something you might want to do is to have the arrow destroy itself when the airplane is picked up. Or you can make it not solid. Good game though

Oh yeah. Fix the flying problem. I forgot to say that. How do you beat the first part of the second page?

Umm you have to avoid the crumpled papers to finish falling and wait for the barrier with no on it to remove


Sorry i dont have time to respond too much right now coz of online school will be back tysm for ur responses

you’re welcome

I’ve read through all of your suggestions now tysm i will consider all of them and thanks for feedback, I’m glad that at least some users in flowlab like it :slight_smile:
@F3Art Tysm :slight_smile:
@USERNAME55 I’ve tried considering that but i also thought that it’d be cool if they figure out for themselves how to remove it (click it) haha it adds some well randomness in the game
I’m in the middle of finding solutions for that so thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:
This all has been really helpful thanks so much for ur help
If u guys have ideas for obstacles feel free to put them here

Imma eat tho so be back later

I had to go to editor to see that, but yeah. That 's random. :slight_smile:

Hahaha tysm :slight_smile: