This is almost ready (Minecraft Multiplayer testing)

I have a multiplayer chat that’s being annoying I wanna test with another person anyone wanna help?

(click multiplayer then try to chat use T to open the chat then type and press enter)
warning its not full proof but close that’s why i need a tester

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Me I’ll test

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ima go open it give me 2 min


is chat working for you?


can you chat back? so i know if its working

i’d be willing to test it

gimme one moment (we need to open it at the sameish time)
ill tell you when!


hmmm its not sending them back to me

also i’d make the name be bold but the other stuff not (more accurate to the actual game)

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ok join

Multiplayer handbook


read it on the website
also I disconnected

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my name is so incredibly wrong

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its only supposed to be 2 player XD
also, I read it whats wrong???


Also check out Taile Gamougg 4 (cancelled version) if you want more Minecraft sprites. I put a lot of them in there such as the chest, cobblestone, oak planks, trees and more. I drew the torch myself.