This is annoying

So I made A new UI, but sometimes after swapping towers, they get stuck on the clicked animation, and you can’t place it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean - can you post a screen capture of the problem?

I couldn’t get loom to work, but if you just keep placing trashcans, and faulty salesman in random orders sometimes the faulty salesman won’t work

Its because you’re using the animation to tell to turn off the spawner which also uses a timer.
So its possible to turn the switch off after the timer (from Glass Shard) which prevents you from using mouse click from anywhere.

This is fixed when pressing the icon again and it can be easier to do with more icons that can be placed. I advise changing on how the camera spawns objects and how the icons rely on animation.

Can you give an example :(, I’m very confused

Ignore what I said last time, I was only looking at wasnt the problem

The game set up is very confusing, but why it gets stuck on clicks is because you dont unselect (stop animation) it after selecting a new tower. Whats also confusing is that you have the same mailboxes in every bundle in the camera. This also makes it hard to see where it goes wrong.

If you know exactly where its going wrong or I wasn’t able to help, could you try use loom again?..