This Is hard to create

So I made a freeze effect to the enemies, But I can’t get it to work correctly. They always go backwards after being frozen, which puts them off course. Does anyone know how to fix?
Here’s my game-

can someone respond to my question

Set all the inputs for the velocity into 2 other number blocks (one for X and other for Y).
This will be the last direction the object was heading. Freeze them, then animation output to the input of these blocks.


I’m a little confused

I basically put all the inputs going into X Velocity also into “Set” of the number blocked named “Last X”.
I did this for Y Velocity too to “Last Y”.

I also completely un-attached and moved the small set of behaviors for it to “Freeze”.
This set also inputs 0 into velocity BUT not into the Last X and Last Y numbers.

When the Freeze animation is done, it inputs the numbers in the Last X and Last Y number blocks.
This should let it continue its path after being Frozen.

Edit: I see you got it working

Yes, Thank you