This is just a picky problem

My enemies turn when attacking as they were told to point at the player, but is there a way for them to not rotate?
Heres my game-


That didn’t help

I have an example for that:

Point At & Angle To Example

is there a way to make it work with moving enemies, such as my bats?

This example should work with moving enemies

What example?

the example he just put down

But it still doesn’t work

idk I didn’t make it

I see, you cant move towards the player because your not rotating the bat.

To fix that is to have a small invisible object with the point at behavior.
Replace all the bats with this object.
And finally attach the bat to that object.

So the bat is attached to this moving object but is NOT rotating the bat.
If you want the bat to shoot at the player, you would use the example I showed you.

I just made a new example, this is what you want:

Chase Example: