Bbecause my YouTube videos are going down, and people are not fully satisfied, I have watched some videos on YouTube about creating a successful channel and a channel that people like. Well, I have gotten GREAT NEWS and BAD NEWS.

GREAT NEWS: Starting from January (after New Year’s) I am going to start releasing 3 videos a week. I think that YOU will get WAY MORE help then you did from my recent videos.

BAD NEWS: The only problem is that I need to release 158 videos next year, and I don’t have that many ideas. In the recent post, I did get SOME IDEAS, but that is not enough. I am also going to try to give you easy tutorials as well as hard ones, but that all depends on you.

I am currently asking the communities help in this. I will appreciate any comment or tutorial that you will recommend.


Here’s an idea: Make a game from start to finish as a set of videos. Each small part of the game you work on can be its own video tutorial, e.g. “start menu”, “enemy behavior”, “player movement”, “camera movement”, etc, etc. Then when you get to the end you’ll have a bunch of videos and a complete game.


If you like making tutorials you could make shorter videos on how to use each of the behaviors that you currently understand, I was going to do this but I don’t really have a place and time, so you can do this if you want.

@Tim01, Maybe make an tutorial video about expression behavior and how they work and why it’s useful.


Hmmmmm… Is your channel just a tutorial one or can you-
Review games.
If not lmao then ummmmmmm
maybe you can make a hard game,
make videos about it along the way and when your done,
start another series?
(also grazer’s suggestion is great)

Just do a gamedev like D A N I. I mean, you probably won’t be able to edit as good as D A N I, but I think you could still make a gamedev series like D A N I.

But seriously, gamedev is cool.

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Hey I watch Dani and game dev series are fun to watch. I’m on board with you doing something like this. Seems interesting and maybe it might increase the amount of users on flowlab, if they see your work and figure that they want to try.


I think that what you did before is also good (The game reviews.) I think that if you are going to start fresh, you could do this ,but if you do please go more in-depth.

Also: This would be a good thing to do occasionally- not all the time, because you’d run out of games pretty quickly.

You could also have people play your games competitively, like in a tournament. This would be a cool way to get others interested in your games.

Anyway, these are just some ramblings from a brainstorm of mine. I hope I helped!

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Tutorials and how to do them, that would really go down well, some tutorial ideas:

  • How to make save data

  • Pixel Art Tutorials

  • How to do in-game cutscenes

and so on

Yesssssssssssss dani,
da maker of the 3d among us mr beast made a video about lmao
no flag pls

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Hey! You could release one of those 1-2 minute videos explain every single behavior. As a beginner, the behavior guide was pretty helpful but I just feel like it would be a lot easier to understand if you could show them in a simple example. Good luck!


Thats… actually a really good idea

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On top of what @kevinyang said, you could make a 1-2 minute similar to that, but explaining different mechanics or just examples of simple stuff like how to make lighting or camera effects, health, a top-down game etc.
I know grazer made many videos explaining this (I think he was the one who made them) but that would be cool if you made some with maybe variety or more advanced coding. Maybe you could even make videos off of already made examples that other users made like JR01’s techniques (of course give him credit, lol). That way new users don’t have to surf the entire game menu to find an example and you could have videos (with cool music of course) on explaining those making it much more easier to find and sort.

Although this is just a ripoff idea of what kevin had, but I feel it would be pretty important and helpful.


Guys ALL of those suggestions are just brilliant. What are you thinking about the Behavior Videos I’ve already released.
(All opinions matter!


Good and Bad ones as well.

I think they’re great, I watch them when I can, even tho I know how to use the behaviors lol.

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Awesome then. I’ll keep on making those videos for you all guys. Btw I am releasing another video tomorrow. Just giving you a heads up!

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