This Might be a bug, but I don't know...

So in my game,, there’s a weird thing going on where everything that moves all of a sudden has a constant velocity, so the NPCs are flying across the screen, and you can’t control your movement either. What’s going on?!

(player)You must make them do 0 velocity after they didnt press the button to move.
(npc) make them do 0 velocity (bunch of different method) this is my method (and maybe others)
Make the npc do this when they werent supposed to move
-Clock"1 sec"- -number"0"- -velocity-

(When i shoot a lot) It freezes in my pc…
so theres that potential bug…

That wasn’t there last time I was working with Flowlab… @grazer, was there an update?

Y e s
(there was)