This might help Flowlab be more popular

@grazer I have a suggestion that would help Flowlab users to keep creating games. After every month or however long you think you should vote on the best game made in that period then whoever wins should get a subscription for 1 month or so.


Like Greggo said their game should be on the front page.

That sounds cool, great idea

Let’s do it

This won’t make flowlab more popular. It’ll just encourage people to create games.

Also note that free users can only create 3 games. If they already hit the limit they would have to delete a game in order to participate to the contest.

You would get a new contest game when a contest starts.

What about subscribers that have already paid for the whole year? I think the idea of giving a prize is OK, but this doesn’t seem like a great reward for existing subscribers.

@grazer, I think the ‘contest’ should be used to promote lesser known games on Flowlab. There are a lot of really good games that have very little plays.