This one's for Grazer

@grazer Since the music in flowlab is licensed, I wouldn’t be able to use in the real Friday Night Funkin game, but I will make some custom music myself to fit the theme, and I was wondering if I could be able to make some music so you can add it to this game for free. I could make sounds based on player requests, so you don’t have to pay for it.

You need an Indie account to upload your own music/sound files.

Well, I mean for sounds that are there for others to be able to use it themselves.

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I know grazer has the license to use the sounds and music for flowlab since it’s a business, but I thought the music was free to use for the developers since they are using it individually.

I never actually though that there could be potentially copyright issues if you export and sell your game outside of flowlab using the music.


I don’t know how this stuff works lol.

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It’s alright, I don’t have much clue on it myself, lol.

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