Thoughts on this demo?

Heres a demo for a new game I’m working on. Tell me what you think about the movement system and such!!

that is actually really cool! I have no complaints

This is a really interesting concept! I like it.
I suggest you create a way to reset the level every time you die and/or don’t have any more jumps.

Also, I would reduce the Density of the Player Object (Ship), to make it faster and therefore more fun, and put bounce at 100 (because bouncing off walls is fun and could lead to some interesting levels and mechanics).

About the controls, if you make the changes I suggested, it would be great if the ship stopped when a star is collected :smiley:

Looking forward to see more!

It originally was bouncy but it wasn’t bouncing right for some reason. If you shot at a wall at any angle it would just bounce out away from the wall at the wrong angle.

I did increase speed and I made space reset, thanks!

The Demo looks good so far, but it’s a bit too confusing. Even with the controls, we do not know what to do. Maybe give more information before playing a level. Besides that, looks great so far! Maybe just work on a backdrop though.