Thrall broken ? maybe the recent updates bugged it out

just logging in after a long break and i open up thrall and im having all kinds of issues ? anyone else experiencing problems ?

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Not at the moment. You are the creator of Thrall? It’s a sweet game. Uh, yeah. The game is bugging bad.

yeah thanks , this makes me frustrated because that game was my baby ! i dont know what happened

tons of older games have stopped working due to new updates being deployed with small bugs

wish something could be done about it

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where is thrall two, i saw the announcement

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Hey, Im sending this to grazer on discord but you should join Flowlab discord.
Its probably easier to help there.

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Thanks for the ping @Samuel_PixelPizza.

@probablydon - Can you give me a rough idea of what is misbehaving?

Try the game, it starts bugging when the first level starts.

Menu bug is the first that comes up.

hahaaaa i was trying to take it back ! yeah its out the bag now. THRALL II is in the works , its going to probably be a remake with a deeper story line , many changes

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yes i noticed that , i want to try and fix these bugs

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so the main menu is bugging i think my " buttons " arent working to let me access the controls menu, as well as letting me get to the next lvl to start the game. another bug i noticed is during the boss scene in the temple, the door seems to open up as soon as the player gets close to it and thats making it almost impossible to start the boss fight. the door is supposed to open after the prisoner is freed when the boss dies. the third bug i noticed is the upgrade menu wont let me purchase the " evade " option even tho i would have eough xp to do so.

i havnt noticed anything else , mostly behavior issues im guessing

also full screen doesnt work anymore idk if anyone else is experiencing this but its meant to be played full screen

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Hey @probablydon - I took a look at your game today, and I see that it least is suffering from a problem with Next Level blocks not working when no level is selected. This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next release.

I’ll check out the buttons as well. I have seen some cases recently where the layering of clickable objects can get wonky depending on the order things load, and this may be related to that. In any case, I want to make sure that any issues with Thrall get sorted out. If you’re on Discord you can DM me with any details you find, or post them here.

The issue with full screen is not really new - full screen is only allowed by the browser if it is a direct result of a player click. This is a browser security feature to prevent things like ads from taking over your screen. If you attempt to make the game full screen without a click, the browser will trigger a security error and then refuse to allow fullscreen mode at all until you reload the page.


thats helpful thank you !