Good afternoon fellow developers, i have been updating THRALL and here is what we got !

  • Sprite artwork is way better , added more detail to animations

  • Updated enemy AI so the player feels more of a challenge

  • Updated Boss AI as well as a Special Boss Attack

  • NEW game nusic as well as some new sound FX

  • NEW intro and main menu

  • NEW UI features such as a PAUSE MENU and Lvl Info Bar

  • NEW player health regeneration

Thank You so much, i am very happy to make page 4 i have always wanted to be up there with some of my favorite developers on this website ! let me know what you think of these changes.


also , thinking of making a part two, the story will continue with new enemies and bosses. The player will be able to choose between Thrall the brave and mighty ! and his companion yigYak the quick and sneaky thief.

let me know what yall think about this :slight_smile:

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Woah, man. This is a really old game. Glad to see you brought it back!

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it would be nice if you could debug the fighting.

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Pretty impressive stuff!
I agree with hihilogic, though, about smoothing out the combat mechanics a little better.

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i work on it atleast 4 hours a day for a year, most of the time i have writers block, can you elaborate on the fighting mechanics? i have tried emitting damage and then spawning damge , i tried hit boxes too. i would love to make weapon placement better when hitting the bodies of enemies but i am not really sure what else i can do. if you have any advice or a helpful screenshot i would appreciate it, thank you for the feedback it means alot to me


thank you ! anything i can do to improve my gamme for the players i will try my best


looks even better than it was before! my biggest problems though are that there’s nowhere that tells you what to press to perform actions,(even in the desc. this would be really nice)
and my other one is that the bear doesn’t choreograph it’s moves at all, so I never know when I should be blocking, attacking, or moving away.

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I remember stumbling on this one a while back, and being very taken away by the atmosphere and depth of the world design. The art, especially the scenery, is astounding. I just wish there was more development, plot wise, in the game. Also an inventory system would be cool. Not really for armor, but healing, perks, opening certain crates and having keys in it would be a cool interaction.

As for the combat, I think the main issue is that there’s only a few things you can do. Maybe adding an evade (like making the player do a roll) or even a jump attack would be decent additions to liven up the gameplay. Also, a way to use levels would be decent too, as they don’t effect too much on gameplay. Maybe perks as well (more damage, more health, move faster, etc.).

While those are just suggestions, my only major complaint is difficulty. The player is put into the game not too aware of how to do things, and the game can be difficult from the start. One thing I noticed was the fluctuation in difficulty between the buzzards and wolves. I found the wolves to be much easier to defeat as they moved less, even though the wolves came later in the game.

I think the main issue is that the player doesn’t get stronger, but oftentimes weaker until they reach the boss, making it pretty difficult, especially with the first boss.

Other than that, it’s an 8/10 game for Flowlab, very well enjoyed! Good luck, and if you have any questions about the half of a story I just wrote, let me know:)



Dude- A dash behavior would be perfect for this game!

Also, adding on rcreger’s previous post I think a more distinct tutorial gives the player a prepared feeling that all first levels or tutorials should provide.
It also gives your player the very first view of your world. How your tutorial feels is the very thing that will make or break your game! What they see in the first five minutes is what either hooks them, or leads them to other games.

World building is something that I would like to see so much more of. This isn’t as hard to do as it sounds, though, because all you have to do is provide interactions with characters that aren’t the player. This might be an ancient book written by a scholar of magic, or a farmer that needs help rounding up his escaped chickens. All of it provides life in your world.

Also, stats would be pretty neat. Progression is something every game needs because of the feeling it gives to the player. A feeling of progression is what keeps the player invested in the story of your world, and, seeing your character become more and more powerful by your own hand… there’s nothing better in video games.

Please use what I tell you. It can take your game to a whole new level… so to speak.


Okay I will definitely implement some kind of signol either audio or visual so you know when the bear will attack , thank you for the feedback I’ll get on it when I get my labtop back :pray:t3::sparkles:

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Haha :joy: , well it was a great story !

I appreciate the input I have always wanted to use the xp points to upgrade the players

  • health
  • speed
  • unlock different attacks
  • longer blocking with sword
  • ( possible magic )

I would love to add an evade and or rolling animation but I have tried drawing it many times and failed but since you said that I’ll definitely try and add that and possibly an areal attck

I’d like to also add to the kidnapping scene a PRT where when the door opens , instead of keeping it open it closes and the player has to tap a key enough to open it by using Thralls “ strength “


I will improve tutorial , I thought the “ controls “ screen was enough but I realize not everyone is going to refer back to it so I’ll definitely take this into consideration :pray:t3:

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wait there was a controls screen? my bad lol must have skipped it by accident.

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all good, im actually doing the tutorial as we speak so its whatever lol

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