Timer not triggering between levels regardless of "keep between levels block"

Not sure if I’m missing something here, but I’ve tried multiple different ways of doing this and my only explanation is that the timer must not be triggering.

This code is supposed to set a timer so that when an ad is shown, it will make the “skip level button” 50% alpha and show an alert letting you know you can only skip levels every 60 seconds (because interstitial ads only show every 60). Everything works fine until you switch between levels, then it stops working. At first I thought it was something with the ad block but on this example nothing is attached after the ad so it should work fine. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Does the mailbox stop inputting when you change levels?
If it does, then check if the message doesnt have the name selected and just the type.
As well, is there a message in the new level that is sending the message?

Also is this level in every level or just in one level that goes between all levels?

I’m not sure I understand completely what you’re saying, but let me try and clarify.

This is the code for the “skip level” block, set to “reset on level restart”. Does not start on the level, but is spawned in immediately.

This code belongs to the “between levels logic block” which is set to “keep between levels”.