Timer running even when not in the game(Feature Request)

@grazer A cool feature would be to have the timer run even when not in the game!
it could be for computer to but mostly for mobile. You could do a lot of stuff with this: Daily Gifts,Earning stuff while your away, Events (like an event ends in … time and you have to do something before that with the timers now it would only count the time your on the game, but with the new timer it could work!)

Please take this into consideration,

Hey @“Johnny boy” - if this is something that people think would be generally useful it wouldn’t be too much trouble to add.

Also, @Wizardry (true to his name) came up with a pretty clever way to do that already in this thread: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/comment/18360/#Comment_18360

@grazer I would definitely use it for a game that Im gonna put on the App Store. If you have the time and its not to hard can you add it?
Also is there a way to make it so they cant just change the time and get it sooner thanks!

I still don’t understand how @Wizardry figured out you can use javascript in expressions.

Oh wait he’s a wizard… Right.

@grazer You should make a date behavior that simply returns the year/month/day etc. in separate outputs. Using an expression is kinda confusing for people who aren’t really advanced with flowlab.

So it’s technically not Javascript, it’s Haxe - but it’s very similar: https://haxe.org/

I added a card to the feature request list for this request: https://trello.com/c/hKqAnAFW/74-add-calendar-behavior-block

Thanks @grazer

Actually date’s would be very useful for events and daily prizes, but could it also be one for current time?
This could be useful for making real time day and night cycles and unlock requirements (such as waiting to get an items or entering a place/shop).