Tiny(or big) update for... SPACE SILENT!

If you do not already know what is this game, read the text below. Otherwize, jump to the italic section to see the new updates.

In this ability game, you are a spaceship that must avoid meteors to stay alive by turning with the right/left arrow and propulsing with the up arrow. This game contains:

-Great animations
-Great graphics quality
-Optimised turning and braking(Luminous’s comments dates from before)
-No sound(This game is in space! How do you want sound without air?)
-A chronometer
-Progressive difficulty
-A hidden easter egg that no one has ever found.

UPDATES: -Now a multiplayer mode(Use arrows to move the red ship, and WASD to move the blue one) -For now a certain time, some shields can appear in the game. When catched, they grant invicibillity for a couple of seconds.
`Try it now!`

Great job on the game. As you said, the animations are good. :+1:

But there are some points that could be improved:
-It gets repetitive rather quickly, because there’s no difficulty ramp. I quit after I realized that it would go on forever like this.
-The turning and moving is either too slow or too fast. The main reason for loss is not lack of skill but luck. It takes forever to turn the ship around, it moves really fast and there’s no brakes for it.

Thank you for the review. I corrected the turning/moving/brakes and I am working on difficulty.

-Meteors are slower
-Meteor quantity increased
-Added a porthole to the spaceship
-Added death animations
-Fixed a couple of bugs.

-Added a start menu and fixed a bug with the chronometer value.

I survived about a minute just parked in the bottom left corner.
Also, Less stars would be great, because my eyes HURT after staring at all that lol

Already 100 plays!

Where is the game

Here’s a link to the game: http://flowlab.io/game/play/775533

Already 150 plays!


As said above, there is now a multiplayer mode!

However, note some bugs with it:

-Some screen shaking starts whn collision with the other spaceship

-Meteors appear out of the map.

See it now!