Tips for publishing?

Hello friends! Its been a while since Ive had time for Flowlab but I want to start something new with an eye for publishing. Can someone point me to a thread or copy paste me some info on best practices and things to keep in mind for ease of publishing for mobile and tablet? I havent done much with touch screen inputs either if anyone has advice in that arena as well. Please help! Thanks!

So I have a couple of mobile suggestions:

  • No keyboard triggers, since most mobile devices have no keyboards. This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many folks forget this one :slight_smile:

  • Design the mechanics for a touch screen from the start. Games are much more playable when the controls and mechanics are simple and designed for touch from the beginning. There are exceptions, but If you have a bunch of on-screen buttons, the game is going to be hard and maybe frustrating to play. Just one or two simple touch controls are best if it’s an action game. If the game is slower-paced or turn-based, then this is less important.

Any game you plan to export regardless of mobile or CPU, is to use the screen ratio for the device (mobile, PC, and TV nowadays use 16:9)

Much of the help I got were from mhx air and pixelpizza on Discord.

You can also check out my Drive Nero devlogs.

Thanks @grazer and @“JR 01”

So if I make my live playing field size set to 16x9 it will scale correctly to screen (maybe this should be the default instead of the 10x10 starting grid… but maybe thats a size/storage issue for flowlab?)

Also how to test touch screen from computer? Is it the same as mouse click? I know I could have my tablet handy to test but am wondering if I can program for both easily?

Its the same as a mouse click