TNT Clicker Game

Amazing clicker game I made.

Check it out at TNT Clicker by CrazyCoolGames (


cool game! great job!

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ha, we were just talking about clicker games the other day

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Clicker games are fun and they pass time.

I created it on .

this is cool! I cant believe got beaten by a snake!

You could try adding more stuff to it, since all that happens currently is one upgrade and you click.
I have many different systems in here you could try to learn from (some are quite messy though)

Or you could implement something from here

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Apparently this game wasn’t made with Flowlab

Then why are you posting it on here? This is a forum for flowlab, not microstudio

This is the Game Reviews & Feedback channel, but. Kinda true too, also For Hexosposure, remember that?

For hexosposure sugarcube only did art for the game and he’s a pretty well-known member in the flowlab community, here it just seems like this guy found flowlab and used it for some self promotion

oh. right, pretty much explains it :skull:

I used flowlab to make all the art that the game has.

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The game is literally all minecraft textures


I am currently working on another project that is called Creeper Clicker.

Now it is downloadable for Android and Apple phones when you enter the website you will see a link that leads to the downloads page.
TNT Clicker by CrazyCoolGames (

Why do you have a separate dowload game? You know you can just put the downloads in the main page of the game, right? Also if nobody’s commenting on your game then there’s probably nothing special to talk about

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If you want feedback for your game i suggest participating in a game jam

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I mean if anyone wants me to update it then they have to tell me.