Too much packets maybe?

So i just tried uploading this gif to my game as a loading thing but then
for 3 seconds, black screen whole screen. And then, after those 3 seconds it did a weird brown pattern on the screen then went back to normal. I think flowlab can’t handle too many packets or something. Just a reminder! If this was an actual bug. Please call grazer.

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@Grazer summoning

You can see somewhere in the animation that there is a warning after how much memory that animation is using. Where this warning is depends on the size of the object and number of frames.

Try shrinking the animation/object size and make the object bigger by using the size code block. And if you can remove some frames, that would help too.

A better alternative is if you know how the animation is built, you can recreate the animation by using pieces in the animation and using code to animate it.

Overall, this mostly happens from the RAM usage through the web browser.

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Well, that’s a pretty big animation. Let’s do a little arithmetic.

This gif is 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall. So when it is uncompressed from gif format into a texture, that’s:

1600x1200 = 1,920,000 pixels x 4 bytes (Alpha, Red, Green, Blue) = 7,680,000 bytes

That is 7.68 MB of memory for a single frame.

There are 96 (!) frames in that animation:

7.68 x 96 = 737.28

which means it will take up 737.28 MB, or about 3/4 of one Gigabyte of video RAM just to display that animation. It’s unlikely that most people’s browser & computer will load and render this without problems.

I recommend using an animation that is both:

  • much smaller in size
  • many fewer frames

Im not a nerd but ok, ima uses less sizes.