What the heck are you talking about and why are you swearing in the forums? Have you read the rules?

First off, your not an Admin. Your profile literally gives away that you are not the admin. Secondly, please don’t make these types of posts, especially ones to attack other people, as it pushes away discussions that are actually important, like Play My Games or Help discussions.

That’s strange, on my profile to me it says i have admin

If @grazer wasn’t the nicest person in the world, which he is, you wouldve been banned by now @alexhay

Did you not notice the (no offence buddy) hmmmmm?

I did, but that doesn’t always work.

Well that all depends on the person in question which happens to not be you.

Still, it doesn’t matter whoever that person that you targeting is, it is still quite rude to say “screw you” to them.

sorry @grazer - no offence intended!

Guys sos ive been completely out of order