This Is My Chromebook Now:

is it a school computer?


Once I Return It To My School I’ll Be In Trouble

I doubt it, stuff like this happens all the time. If you tell them you can probably replace your screen.

Mmmmmm… I Don’t Know, It’s Been Cracked But Not That Much

yeah, I get it. Same thing happened to me not too long ago

I’m On Mobile Now

It’s Not Broke Just, Annoying To Use Now

Youre lucky, it was the repairmen who broke mine


Dude, did you pull an mad on an io game and nuckle punch the screen, lol.

Not trying to accuse you of getting mad, just the small crack looked like a fit for the edge of your nuckle to smash.

My brothers done it before so even if you did, youre not alone.

Edit: sorry I meant nuckle.

You did a crime of “stealing the school computer”
You get an S+++++++++

No, I They Gave Them To All The People At My School