TOURNAMENT For a prize!

I am hosting a tournament on January 8th! When I say start on that day you will have 1 week to make your best recreation of flappy bird. Prize: The prize will be negotiable. Be ready flowlabbers! I will be participating but I’m not going to vote for myself, I just thought it would be fun.

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Share this link with any of your friends that would like to participate! TOURNAMENT For a prize!

If no one is participating I will just build a game myself.

ill be participating

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Thanks for letting me know! Hope you have fun, the tournament starts tomorrow at 9AM

east hour? coz im canadian

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Hm, i’m american, so the tournament would start at 7:00 am for you

I’m trying to calculate our time differences

its actually 12am here

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does that help?(20 chars)

I know i have an east clock up lol, so you will be starting at 6:00 am your time

ok ill be there more at 9:30 am my time

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Perfect! Thanks. 2022020202

Hey i would like the join but when you say the prize can be discussed about what exactly can you give out and how would this work.

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I’m in school rn but I’ll explain as fast as I can. There is no money involved, the prize would be within flowlab.

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Oh, can it be like a month of indie maybe

Also is the rating based on how alike it is to flappy bird or how different but still similer to it or just how good the game itself is

I might not be able to join this, but I’ll see what I can do. I’m already apart of a game jam so my game probably won’t be much.

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That’s fine!200202020200202

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Also he said that it won’t be money related. So I doubt he will give the winner free indie.

You say that but your probably going to crank out a full fledged game in like an hour, lol