Tower Defense

How do I make a tower defense? Grazer, I hope you know this one!

lets see, you’re going to need your gravity to be at 0
then you need to make a path
lets say you have brown blocks as your road
the blocks will need to not be solid and have no collision
make an enemy that always moves forward
make an emitter that spawns that enemy
make brown arrow blocks just like your road
have it so if its an UP arrow, you have a behavior where the enemy you spawn has a rotate, and it sets it to say -90 as a number ---- (set) rotate
now the enemy should turn left when you have it hit collision (road up block)

do you understand?

Im not going to go farther into detail, and grazer is always busy.
The game itself as far as spawning towers that shoot, you will spend a month at least making this game. Spend a week on this site, and you will learn how to make awesome games. Maybe Ill make a tower defense some day.

Okay, cool. thanks!

I made a quick example here
Click on the GREEN square to play the tower defense, if you want to copy something, open the editor and click on that objects behaviors

Whoa… That proves that this isn’t the best thing for TD’s!

There aren’t any forum rules, but it should be normal to think there’s no reason to comment on something 3 years old.

The TD should actually take longer because… Where is the side bar? Where is where you can purchase upgrades? It was all, well… Stinkish… No offense by the way. But, the other games on that were good.

It wasn’t a side bar, it was so you could click on them to see what they do, it was stinkish cause I only wasted 15 minutes, and to make a purchase box, you could have a value and every enemy that dies sends 10 points, and have a box where you drag items it emits out and removes points due to purchases. You CAN make the TD, you just don’t understand the engine yet.

Bravo @Mhx Ar, like the way you are keeping this forum together.
As for W-man: kido you should decide what you really want because to me it seems
people are just loosing their time reading and reply to your questions, most of the answers you could find them already on the forum or by “playing” a bit more with Flowlab. No offence …

None taken. I will try to post less comments. It’s just the fact that I’m new here.

Yea there are no forum rules…


Your lucky… I wish I was that good. Be sure to play my game when it comes out.

Post a link to it

okay. you can play what I have done so far: It’s not a Tower Defense but it’s kinda fun. THIS is why I ask so much questions!


Plants Vs. Zombies Clone:
Look into the behaviors to find out how to make a tower defense game!

Well too late buT

Please stop digging up topics from 2013.

yeah i browsed it, so i guess it is kinda bad publicity, but if someone needs the info and also browses it, they will find it useful