Track which level a player is on

Is there any way to track what level a player is on and make a behavior activate? For example, play this song only if the player is on level 2, or play this animation only if on level 3?

not officially, only way is to make a save depending on what the player does,
such as collision with this exit or if you press this button.

How about sending a message to the player object when the level starts, to tell it what the current level is?

So each level would have an object that does something like Once -> Message “level” which sends a number corresponding to the level, so level 1 would send “1”, level 2 would send “2”, etc.

The player would have a Mailbox trigger that checked the incoming value and uses a filter to to play the sound or animation depending on which level value is recieved.

Does that make sense?

That’s how I get different music to play on certain screens and levels

Makes since, although I’ll probably go with JR 01’s solution because it uses less objects.

How about, @“Biscuit Butter”, when you click a button or something to go to a level it saves a number (egg. level 1 = number 1) then when you enter the level it would load that number save to who ever you need it to load to?

That’s basically what I said Lyndon.
A button is good to get between menus but isn’t necessary to continue the game.
Most saves are better to be used in the player, such as +1 when there’s collision with the object that takes you to the next level.