Transitional music

So. Music. A lot of games do a neat little thing where the music transitions in each area. Yea, i make music. No, i do not know how to make this feature. But im gonna give it a shot. Keep your eyes peeled.

You could ease the volume down of one music and ease up the volume of another.

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That’s actually what I was thinking, but if i really wanted to i could jam in a bunch of timers and then make transitions for every song, which would be cool but also a pain to deal with.

It wouldn’t be bad, plus it could resume music in the middle of it since it is at 0 volume. Just create a router that picks a music soundtrack and eases it on and when it’s not being eased on it will ease out.

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Yeah this should work

Oh shoot i attached the done of the ease instead of the out

There’s probably an easier way to do with always switches and such to find nors and set off but it would be more complex and that already works.

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I believe we have a working version. The only problem here is that the music loops really weirdly and choppy. @grazer can you take a look?

You should use routers so people can make it like you are getting to a new zone.

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I mean okay but how would i use the routers like that

Pick a specific route and make an always go into it. Make nors that detect if the route is off to turn it off. Also make it ease on.

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I just made some proximities and some switches and that works