Trello question

Hey @grazer, When is Code gonna be added and what will it be like. Would it have the same functions as the behavior but in text. Or is it python or java-script or lua.

Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 17.21.01

It’s on the Trello list on behavior suggestions:

Trello: flowlab


Hey, I don’t have a target release date for this - it’s still kind of in the nebulous planning phase. The language will almost certainly be though. It’s very similar to Javascript, so if you are familiar with that it will be pretty simple to read & write.

@grazer, Why did you choose for Haxe? Is there a reason why?

Just curious.


@R0CK Flowlab is written in Haxe so it makes sense to use that as the programming language.

@Latif, Oh I did not know that lol.



@R0CK No need to say sorry for that lol


So Haxe is going to be used as a tool to create a programming language for game-creators to create a game with code to switch from visual coding to a certain text-based programming language, Right?

Like how godot made their own programming language from scratch called godot-script or gdscript as short.

@R0CK That’s all up to grazer, but I think it would be better to use the standard Haxe language, so basically keeping the syntax the same. That way experienced programmers don’t have to learn a new programming language, and inexperienced programmers learn a real programming language that can be used outside of flowlab.

Ye, I agree, let grazer decide or the public, Who knows.