Tricks To Make A Nice Game! (Tutorial With Images And Games Examples)

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( this is just an example, the game never has been like thi s)

hey, nice!


cool! four player action! ill have to try to pull that off in my next VS. game, unfortunatley, i have no idea how to pull of a character select…

Hi jngthree! Before The Version 2.0 Of The Game Champions Of Ruine, We Have Made Different ( because of lack of space ), see this example:

Click On The Buttons Of “VS” = Go To Battle!


yeah. mine arent like temple explorer though. its platformer battles

But that helps alot! thanks

ok… lets keep in touch before i turn in VS. 3

So Anxious!!!

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I was wondering how to make a character and the stage bigger for more close up action on what you are doing, because I am trying to make a fighting game and it would help if you could show or tell me how to make a character with more than one skill, oh and maybe how to move a health bar too. Thanks and your the best

Hi Woopadia, Thanks by the compliment. Im so happy! Soo let’s talk about that…

Character Bigger: In the editor exist an button its to put the sprite bigger.

Stage Bigger: Just Do The Camera Follow the player and continue building the level out the main screen.

More Than One Skill: See The Image

Move Health Bar: Click Layers->User Interface-> Click And Drag The Health Bar…

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Thanks! this really helped me with my game, now I just need to do the art work and then it will be done, and again thank you!

Always Helping! :stuck_out_tongue:

I canceled VS.3

Im ending that franchise. HOWEVER. there will be a new franchise out, and they WILL be top down battles. and its in a maze!