Trouble with an explosion effect it works the first time, but then just flashes in and out instead of finishing the effect. does anyone know why this is? is it a bug?

You need an expiration date for all those cubes you were spawning. I tried giving them a lifespan of 2 seconds and it seemed to work fine after that.

Not sure if its a bug or not, though it seems like it is.

I think what is happening is that the size behavior is updating to newer spawned object.
Changing the size of an object also changes its density, so smaller objects fly in a blink on emit.
I suggest making an emit force of 0 and adding forward velocity to he exploding blocks themselves.

Though I do not know what this would affect newer spawned objects, or if its something else, we can say that this is possibly a bug.

That what seems to work for me anyways, let me know if it doesnt work for you.

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hmmm i tried that and it seemed to take away all the randomness (everything kept spawning in the same spot) and instead of rotating from being emitted (rotation is enabled so that the particles fly in the right direction) they just faced to right and drifted to the right while disappearing.

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Just keep making games and you will keep gaining experience.
Quick word of advice: Your project is as good as the time you put in it. This is true with everything, gaming or not, and it will help you a lot in life.

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