Trouble with my coin system [Solved]

Hi, I am working on a game (It is basically one big massive inside joke, so it’s really really dumb), and the first gamemode is completed. Unfortunately, before I can move on, I need to fix my coin system. It all works fine, and it almost works. Unfortunately, while it does save across gameplay, if you die, then try to go back, and earn another coin, your count resets to 0.

Coins reset to 0 after death and recollection

To Recreate:
Collect some coins by playing, then die, then play again and collect more coins

Here is Game Link:

Please help! Thanks!

I fixed it, thanks to @JR01!

Hello! It would help a lot if you send a game link.

You need to make a save behavior that loads the number of coins, then save every added coin collected.

You got it, glad to help.

I haven’t seen your game but I’m guessing that the coin counter system is in the player’s behavior, Am I right? if so, you should make a separate object count the coins, or just do what Jr 01 says.

I put the link in the topic