Trouble with proximity

So I’ve been developing an enemy AI and I’ve used proximity to the player to preform certain things (I.E. attack when close or have a chance to back up during their movement) but when i use the attatcher to attach the three separate blocks ive used for the proximity, some of them wont trigger their proximity’s

Are you searching for the Attached objects, or are the Attached objects looking for the player?

The attached objects scan for the player to track their position

The player has collisions enables? If so, I think it should be working.
Can you link the game? (I’m on mobile rn, but maybe someone else can say why)

Also, it could be because the proximity is too small or the proximity is set to something like “contain object completely”
Or you’re searching for a specific object type, which won’t work between levels.

red black and green blocks are the things im working on

anyhting yet? anything wrong with my code?

I’m on mobile so I can’t check (My charger broke and I’m waiting for a new one), I was hoping someone else would be able to look at the game

so you cant look inside games on mobile?

It’s very difficult because I can only seen like 8 behaviors on screen and just hard to look around

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alr. its just weird because hes in the prox yet if refuses to detect him. would two overlapping porx have an effect? cuz thats what im doing

It shouldn’t. I tried looking at the game, but on mobile I can’t see the entire object library so I was unable to view the attached behaviors

You don’t have collisions enabled.

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… well I was misinformed

turns out i didnt have collisions on and i still got it working, i just put everything into one block

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