True false with messages?

I’m trying to do an evaluation of “If message A is active, but message B is not, output is active”.

An OR gate won’t work because I don’t want it to send an output if B is active but A is not.

What can I use for this?

message b → nor → and (b)
message a → and (a)

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Great, didn’t realize one can use a NOR gate with just one input!

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You can also use a global and set 1 for true, 0 for false.
Then check the result with a filter.

What galactian said also works


You know what, there should be a Boolean block/ value

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I was thinking the same

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It’s useful in a lot of languages, but bool in Flowlab I would think just isn’t as useful. As PixelPizza said, you can use the binary 0/1 and check it with a filter. That would do the same thing as checking a True/False with some kind of bool filter