Trust Issues Grazer please read this

Hey. I am very confused. I thought this payment thing was half price. I’m using flowlab Indie. When I started the subscription it said that it was half price. So far, the price is still 10 bucks per month. Which in total is 120 dollars. It should be only 5 dollars per month. I would like a full refund. I’ve been using this program for about a month or two now. So again, I would like a full refund.

It’s half price for a YEAR. For a year, it’s 59 dollars. For a month, it’s full price at 10 dollars each. I think you paid for 1 month each time, so maybe that’s why it’s not working. :confused:

Hey Bigstar71,

Sorry for any confusion, Luminous700 is correct - the subscription is half price when you pay for the full year up front ($59 per year instead of $120).

I fully refunded all of the payments you made and canceled your subscription so you won’t be charged again. All of your games are still in place, so you can continue to edit them using the free account. Thanks for signing up to give Flowlab a try, and let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks Grazer. I appreciate it.