Try me and my Friends game 21135 (Bob World Arena) we can't update anymore because of object limit.

Based on my friends comic

Post the link to the game or NOBUDY can play it :3

Dude, it’s 21135 he said.
It’s actually pretty interesting for 1 level.

I didn’t hear such a post :3

It’s in the title.
“Try me and my Friends game 21135 (Bob World Arena) we can’t update anymore because of object limit.”

Reply to mhx air:

[It’s in the title.
“Try me and my Friends game 21135 (Bob World Arena) we can’t update anymore because of object limit.”]

k i didn’t read the TITLE!!!

Im so Interested. On that game I love the 1rst leve. I think grazer needs to updated this website.

hi guys i see your interested in the game. Well we have a page on Facebook it’s Bob Ware and you may be happy to know were using a different engine to continue working on the game. link to page:

thx for all the support

What object limit are you guys running into?

Hi guys just to let you know we have found a way to continue making the game using an engine we bought. Check out to see more about it we have a working arena system and 2 levels of story and we are looking for feedback so fell free to pop by and check out our posts. (We try to work on the game every Sunday and need people for art or music).


these are some of the things we have done.

how do u play

You might be able to add more, although, it will take time. All playable characters are one object. However this will require multiple bundles on the character object and a way to select your character, depending on who you pick switches on the bundle as that of the playable character. The second player would have the same effect, except with a switch on for the bundles with the second players controls. This is done with messages and the mailbox trigger. Here’s what I’m talking about, sorry if you have to dissect it to get the same effect.

First, one object carries all the animations of the characters.
Ex) Object=characters.
Animations= Red, Red walk, Red Attack, etc.
Blue, Blue walk, Blue Attack, etc.
Then, set up a bundle for each character, with every action (that’s movement, attacking, jumping, even the character themselves) attached from a switch that is turned off.
Ex) Switch(off)=Red
Switch(off)=Red walk, etc.
Switch(off)= Blue,etc.
Next you need a way to select a character. I used one object that carries an animation of each character. Then after using the right and left arrow keys to cycle through the characters, You can press enter to select that character. This sends a message to the character object to turn on whichever bundle I selected.
Ex) Message(Red)=Switch(on)=Red
Message(Red)=Switch(on)=Red walk, etc.
Message(Blue)=Switch(on)=Blue walk, etc.
That’s all there is to it. P.S. By actions, I mean the triggers that play the animation selected. Like movement, if you want the right key to move the character right, Hook up the right key trigger to a switch(off), and then the switch to your animation. The message sent turns that switch on.
If you do try this and have trouble, I can help you accomplish this.

Also, I have no idea why the character select box keeps messing up, but everything else works. You can still select different characters.