Try My Game and review it

this is a game and one of my friends made it is still a work in progress but we wanted ideas on how to make it better :slight_smile:

Okay for starters that is like the best game ever grazer should definitely make this a featured game its like the best classic arcade game. the only thing you friend needs to do is fix a couple of bug. one bug is that you can’t play unless you go to editer and go to the levels other than that its really good

Hey @TogsWorth - I have a review where you can submit this game to, and I will review as soon as I can! There is a small window today, so try to submit soon! Here is the link:

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If you submit, you will receive: A review for the game, a like for your game, and suggestions on how to make it better!

I am also beginning a new Game of the Week, which you have a chance to win! There will be a total of 5 Game of the Weeks, and each winner’s game will go head to head for the Championship title! Good luck!

hey, awesome job youve done here! this is the first time ive seen this done on flowlab and its well done!
i have some recomendations though:
-can you guys fix the menu screen? i needed to navigate through the actual levels in the editor to play.
-more visuals! things like making the button a different color when the mouse is over it, more detail to general objects goes a very long way.
-along with visuals, make sure the arrows are aligned. some of them were a little off center…
besides that, youre game is great so far! keep up the awesome work.

thanks so much for all the good feedback we will get started asap! :slight_smile: