Try my game out (its not even half way finished)

its not near finished but i just wanna see if its good, i recommend trying the first track first then the last one.
the names of the tracks are:
Royal Sky (finished)
Epic Gen (not started)
Magma Melee (not started)
Galactic Station (almost finished)

the names of items are:
Oil Spill
(all arent finished)

cant rn im in school but a suggestion is to use your own custom sprites

all of my sprites are made by me @glithctyrus

didnt actually get to play it because im currently in online school,so I was just going of the title

oh okay and no one else used that title so

Just Make Sure The Power-Ups Affect The Others

okay ill make sure i do that

My Brother Loves This Game (Cant Stop Playing It)

my game???

Yep Your Game XDDDDD

there’s a lot of bugs with the fireball like how am I suppose to not be stuck

idk how to get it to not drop you into a block @GrimProductionZ

Make it teleport you to the sky

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