Try my game

It’s small game but i like it! If you like it, write your thoughts. And write your points (like that: 55.67).
My Highest place is 2nd!(20 points)

    <font color="red"><b>LEADERBOARD</b></font>

1st place - (nobody)
2nd place - Me 20 points
3rd place - Gummy 50 points
4th place - (nobody)
5th place - (nobody)
6th place - (nobody)
7th place - (nobody)

Play my game here.

i like it! But it’s so small game. Make some upgrades or something.

My place is 4th! 51.85 points.

Good but well played!

thx! (and you have a good name)

I like it! some cool things you could do with it would be making bombes or something that if you accidentally clicked you would die or make the cube just slightly shrink every time you click it.

i do it a bomb! Now my game is difficulty.

but i have a problem. First it’s not showing animation (bomb image). If i clicked it , it shows animation and i am dying.

I found the problem, basically after you randomly determine weather or not its a bomb and you turn the switch on its still processing the last click, you can fix it by adding a timer set to 0 somewhere between the switch and the randomizer.

which randomizer and switch?

got 26
Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 11.16.34 AM

Well Played! Your have 50 points! Holding 3rd place!

i dont know how to solve the problem. But i will make Stats!