Try my new awesome game!

Worked so hard on this.
You can draw things…

arrows = move player 1
A. S, W and D = move player 2
J, K, I and L = move ball

1 = spawn a ball (click again to remove it)
2 = -1 point
3 = +1 point

red = if a player hits it. The player does an animation.
orange = a door
yellow = a door (only player 1 can open it)
green = if a player hits it. You turn green! And if the ball hits it. You get one point. (Let’s play soccer!)
blue = not solid, it’s nothing…
purple = a door (only player 2 can open it)
brown = a door (only the ball can open it)
grey = a block

You can also overlap blocks…

type: media

  • facebook and YouTube (ball = twitter)
    type: mario
  • Mario and Luigi (ball = mushroom)
    type: gold
  • Gold (ball = gold)

I wanted to make a color picker xD
But that’s impossible.

It may be possible, but there has to be a shade variable, a hue variable, and a greyscale variable

Cool Paint Editor!!!